Here you will find a small gallery of historical furby images! Some of the images are not working despite my trying everything I knew to fix them and their code is exactly the same as the rest of the images that work so hopefully these images will suffice. I chose to highlight some specific furbies with interesting stories as well as images of furby generations. If I had more time to work on this I could make a whole timeline including both furby history and furby fandom history, because the fandom has some fun stories as well.

furby baby
1999 Furby baby advertisment. The furby baby was a smaller version of a furby and could interact with other furbies.
furby prototype
A furby prototype that i love very much. There were a lot of prototypes which were leaked throught the years, including many unreleased furbies.
The bewjeweled furby
The bejeweled furby. Only five of them were made and two-ish where sold for 100,000 USD for a charity event. One recently came into possesion of a fandom member, who got it for only around 16,000 USD. This is, to our knowlage, the only existing bejeweled furby in 2024, and it came from the original artist's estate.
The rainbow furby
This is the Rainbow furby. It was a contest prize where kids sent in their furby designs and one was picked to be produced. There were only a couple made and two of them were owned by the kid who drew it, but then her brother stole one and sold it for drug money and it is lost forever. Pictured here is currently the only known rainbow furby.
A 2005 furby
A 2005 furby. It was designed to look more realistic for some bizzare reason. You can see why kids didn't really want to play with this. I like them a lot personally and I have one at home. Her name is Morgana and she is a wizard.
a 2006 mcdonalds furby
Mcdonalds and other fast food resturaunts have had a lot of collaborations with Furby and this is one of them from 2006. I have this specific one and I spent $40 on it but he is entirely worth it. I wondered if he was a fake furby at first because of the goofyness of this animal.
furby boom
This is 2013's Furby Boom. It was known for terrifying Gen Z kids with its 'viking' personality which had angry eyes and a deep voice. The 2012 furby was basically the same but without any patterns. I'm not a big fan of the 2012-2013 furbies because their designs are just kind of boring. It's nothing special. go girl give us nothing
furby connect
This is 2016's Furby Connect. Unlike its 1999 counterparts, this furby could actually connect to your phone or computer. It's apparently quite easy to hack it and make it say funny things. It is very different from the past furbies but I like it alright! It makes for very cute custom furbies too.
The 2023 furby
2023 furbies! They originally released just these two colors, and then a rainbow tie-dye furby only in France. We have rumors/leaks confirming we will get more colors. I really like their design, I think it's the best furby we could have gotten that makes sense to sell in 2023. The furby fandom was a bit iffy on them when they first came out but I think most people have warmed up to them by now.
a christmas tree made out of 2023 furbies.
This is a christmas tree this past christmas made out of 2023 furbies. All the furbies were fully functioning. The furby at the top is a mystery to me because it's in the shape of a furblet (a little mini furby they released a bit ago) but it's much too big and glowy to be a furblet. It was honestly really weird but I love where the marketing for the new furby is going. The furby marketing team is totally embracing furby's weird history.