Jenine Dragonmonger's Ethical Dragon Liver


Beautiful plate of Dragon liver

Welcome to my website! Here I sell premium dragon liver, ethically harvested from my very own pet dragons. What is dragon liver, you ask? It's the liver of a dragon! Dragon liver has been used all over the Wizard World, and all throuought history. It is both tasty, medicinal, and magical! For a full explaination of the many wonderful uses of dragon liver, click here.

20.2.2018: Addressing the alegations that my livers are actually chicken- that is a FALSE RUMOR spread by my enemies. My dragon liver is fully made of dragon. I should know because I harvest it straight from my dragon familiars every month (YES it DOES REGROW. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE THIS. DRAGON LIVERS REGROW THEMSELVES. ITS PERFECTLY SAFE AND PAINLESS TO THE DRAGON). Many people have told me it tastes like chicken. This is because dragons and chickens both evolved from dinosaurs. Of course they will taste similar! You are all incredibaly stupid.

March 2020: I am Jenine Dragonmonger and I have been selling PREMIUM DRAGOOIN LIVER to the wizarding public SINCE 1902. now IN 2019, The Wizard Council had banned the sale of dragon liver, MY LIVELYHOOD. i Have been doing this for years and only now do they dareinterfere with my Business. I WILL RESIST!Dear all my loiovely friends and custopmers, i Thank you for all the suport in these trying times. I am trying very hard to keep my buessines running. And in fact, I have made my dragon liver is now FREE to buy! it costs only 0 Wizard Dollars! This has only infuritatyed the Wizard Council more, and i vow to keep you all updated with my situation! I will bring this to Wizard Court as soon as I find a Base of Operation. As many of you who signs up for my newsletter i am currently indeed on the run and in hiding but I will make it through, thrive and PROSPER! My Drgaons too are extrememly upset with these recent developments.

My real dragon, dear Elizabeth!
My first dragon Elizabeth in the beautiful woods in my backyards, because CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS keep saying that my livers aren't real DRAGON. Well they are and here is proof!