Dragon Liver By Jenine

The best Dragon Liver in the West!

Greetings! I'm Jenine Dragonmonger, the wizard in charge of Jenine's Dragon Liver Company. I used to run a small resturaunt 1924-1947, and have since moved my bussiness to mailling, and now onto the web!This site (lovingly codded by my husabdn befor his passeing) is home to my small business. I am 101 years old, and I use my own dragon liver longevity potions to stay healthy and fit!

Dragons and Dragon liver have been my passopm aever since I was young, and I heard mystical tales of the power drgaon liver holds! I met my first dragon when I was 15, because mmy family friend's cousin's uncle ran a dragon ranch! I partook in dragon wisdom. I have three degrees in dragon, and I am also a dragon flight racing world champion (1919). I then began harvesting my own dragon, Charles's liver every month (it regrows). My dragon began to speak to me in my sleep and we had a chat about the harvesting but it said it was okay with liver harvesting. This makes my dragon livers the most ethical dragon livers in the western hemisphere!

My second dragon, Elizabeth, I got as an egg and had many conversations with regarding dragon liver. She understopd completely! My third dragon, Hellboristica, was a rescue dragon. I saved him from the circuise and he was absolutly okay with harvesting liver! With all three of my wonderful dragons, I was able to open a small resturaunt in New Orleans serving authentic dragon liver steaks. I was able to buy a beautoiful ranch house in the countryside where my dragons could roam free and I lived there with my late husband, MArie Dragonmonger. Our last name, Dragonmonger, was actually a beautiful coincedence because My last name was Dragonsport and his name was Spellcastermongerthirdlyson (he's Irish. you know their wizard names). We combined it to be Dragonmonger, which is perfect for our d=busines and brand!

My dear marie sadly died this last Febuary. it was very sad... My dragons and i mourn.

You may be wondering, whta's the big deal about dragon liver?! Well, you can do a lot of things with it! it's very powerful and magical- and Tasty! Find out more here!