Jenine Dragonmonger's Ethical Dragon Liver

ALL the reasons the Wizard Council is CONSPIRYING AGAINST ME:

1. They NEVER had a problem with me BEFORE

I have been selling harvesting and selling dragon liver since the 1920s!! Not once have i gotten any complaints before now. Someone even reported me (one ofmy enemies) to them for selling 'fake ""'liver and they said my facility and liver was perfectl;y fine! ask yourself, now why would they suddenly change their mind just right now? i have the answer. Tom Spellcastersupreme was recently elected to the council and he has NEVER liked me. He said once in a speech that he 'wasn't fond of dragon liver' and he was clearly talking about me! He has started a conspircy against me within wizardging government!

2. The law should NOT APPLY to me.

I Strongly agree with this dragon protection law, in theory. you see., unethical and harmfuldragon farms have been mass producing drago liver for cheap for years now! i speak out agaisnt this at every oppurtiunity because i love dragons Dearly and i hate to see them unhappy! Dragons must be protected. BUT MY DRAGONS ARE PROTECTED! Elizabeth, Charles, and HElborista are very happy dragons and they have told me very clearly that they are okay with harvesting. i Leared to speak and communicate with dragons at a young age. in fact, everything science claims to know about dragons is false. Dragons are highly intelligent animals and they CAN speak. and even if they couldn't, the sheer power and quality of my dragon's livers show that they are clearlu leading HAPPY LIVES! My dragons live on a 103 acre wildlife zone and they are free roam and able to fly where they please. they dod not need more protecting because i protect them yself, and therefore this law should not apply to me.

3. I am giving it away for FREE now and they're capitalists

I successfully noticed that the real worry behind this law is people profiting off the suffering of the dragon. So in order to avert the law i started giving liver away for free, but it made them crack down even more! I once sold dragon liver and I am quite weathly, which is how iam able to afford this change. But they restrictions on me tell me that the Wizard Council is just a bunch of greedy wizpots! that's right, i said it. I truely beleive they don't care about the wizards, OR the dragons or anything but themselves!


Say that their actyions are perfectly valid and all they wished to do was protect dragonkind like they say. Well in that case, they still shouldn't be coming for me because t

5. They don't like that i am more POWERFUL a WIZARD than they are

Jealosy is a motivator for many dark and dangerous actions.... and this is ONE OF THEM. I am extrememly powerful wizard. My diet has consistered soley of coffee, wheat bread, eggs, and dragon liver for the past 78 years, and this has given me very magical powers. In fact, I now prefer to fly everywhere instead of walking or teleporting, and I don't even use a broom anymore! Not only this but I was gifted at birth with dragonspeak (which is NOT A MYTH), an extremely rare magical gift that none of THEM have.