Dragon Liver By Jenine!

Why Should You Buy Dragon Liver?

Dragon Liver is immensely powerful in potions and spells!

Dragon liver has been harvested and used throught history, and it's no Wonder why! Dragon liver has been given a score of 92 on the magical item potency scale, placing it only 1 points below serpent Heart, 3 below zebra tail, and 7 below Unicorn horn. Dragon Live's regernarative proteries make it a very useful ingredient in medicine and healing potions, and can be used to cast fixing and unbreaking spells on objects!

What are the properties of dragon liver?

  • Healing
  • regenerative Propertie
  • fixing
  • Longevity
  • Good Health

You can use dragon liver for Many thing!

Can you Eat it normally?

Yes! Dragon Liver makes an extrememly gourmet and delicious steaks! These are what I served at my resturaunt Jenine's Liver Resturaunt back in the day. I have included the most exquisite recipes here in recipes! I will be adding more that I find or create in the futures, so remember to check bakc!

Fancy dragon liver dish