all of these ones are made by me, feel free to use as long as you credit and link to my page!

All of them are in their actual file sizes on this page, you can make them smaller if you want

Please credit me if you use these!

furby is love furby is life rainbow glitter furby gif blue aurora glitter gif animal jam Peck graphic design is my passion santa furby merry christmas gif sparkle 2023 furby gif under construction furby gif

How I make graphics!

Online Image Editor
Despite having the most generic name ever, this is the main website i use! it offers glitter graphics, overlays, lots of text fonts, transparent backgrounds, and a lot of frames. If you like the vibe of old crappy internet graphics, stickers, blinkies, and buttons, this is for you. It saves your work in progress constantly which is really nice and is pretty easy to use.
Ezgif Maker
This is a really easy to use gif maker, where you can just upload the images as frames. It's pretty simple. I used this for the furby under construction gif, which i drew in Krita, but i've heard MS Paint is a pretty good thing to use as well.
Blinkies Cafe
If you are familiar with the gen z old web comunity (idk what else to call it), you'll already be familiar with Blinkies Cafe! it's a website where you can add your own text to blinkie templates. it also has a good tutorial about how to make your own templates in the blog section. I don't know if asking people to credit me for the blinkies i made with blinkie cafe makes sense because anyone can recreate them and they took like 2 minutes. So i'll put them here, but if you want to use them you don't have to credit me at all.

no need to credit for these! (blinkie cafe)

sparkly gif reading 'help i'm trapped in a gif' galaxy gif reading 'TRYING MY BEST!' black and green gif reading 'i don't know how to code' lesbian pride gif they/them pronouns with little rainbow star